Harold Ramis Dead At Age 69

Image Courtesy: Creative Commons

By Jacqueline Roman 03-03-14

Image Courtesy: Creative Commons

Image Courtesy: Creative Commons


Hollywood writer and director, Harold Ramis, passed away among family and friends in his Chicago home on February 26th.

Ramis was only 69 years old.

The sorrow felt over his death is dwarfed by the fond memories movie lovers have of his most notable blockbusters. Ramis first gained recognition for co-writing the 1978 hit “National Lampoon’s Animal House.” He then solidified his place in Hollywood with “Stripes,” “Ghostbusters” and “Ghostbusters II.”

The cause of Ramis’ death was complications due to auto-immune inflammatory vasculitis. Ramis had been battling the disease for over four years.

After honing his writing, Ramis debuted as a director for “Caddyshack” in the 1980s. Soon after, he directed “National Lampoon’s Vacation.” His most recent work was the 2009 comedy “Year One,” which starred Michael Cera and Jack Black.

Ramis leaves behind his wife, Erica, daughter Violent, and two sons, Julian and Daniel. He also has a legacy of two grandchildren.