Documentary Inspires Lawmaker to Help Orcas

By April Newell 03-12-13

Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 6.48.29 PMThe documentary Blackfish is making quite a splash. Ever since the premiere at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival, activists have been protesting the captivity of killer whales held at SeaWorld. Now, a California lawmaker is pushing to ban the captivity of orcas held at the San Diego SeaWorld.

Santa Monica Democrat, Richard Bloom, said the film inspired him to push the law because of the exposed conditions and treatment of the animals as well as the danger to SeaWorld trainers.
Blackfish explains the psychological trauma experienced by orcas kept in captivity. The filmmakers claim the reason for the attacks on trainers is directly linked to the orca’s psychosis. The film specifically investigates the death of Florida SeaWorld trainer Dawn Brancheu.

In their official statement, SeaWorld wrote that the film is misleading in a way that advances its anti-captivity message.

Whether or not SeaWorld will be allowed to keep killer whales in captivity is yet to be decided, but the San Diego SeaWorld may be the first to be asked to give up their orcas.