Sox Pitching looks Strong Early On

By Samantha Washburn 3-15-14

Red Sox spring training is underway in Fort Myers. The reigning World Series Champions are working hard on trying to be the first team since New York Yankees, to win back to back championships. That happened 14 years ago.

Jake Peavy made his spring training debut against the Minnesota Twins after cutting his left index finger in early March. Peavy started off a bit rocky when he gave up a single to leadoff hitter Aaron Hicks. He eventually found his stride again and only allowed two baserunners in the four innings he pitched. For a player who 15 days ago cut his hand on a fishing knife, the Sox and Peavy himself seem happy with his performance yet they know there is still work to be done. Peavy has even been trying to expand his range of pitches and incorporate a split finger fastball taught to him by closer Koji Uehara.

A pitcher who has been solid during spring training has been right-hander Clay Buchholz. In his matchup against the Pittsburgh Pirates on March 9, Buchholz pitched three no hit innings and did nearly the same thing in his matchup against the Blue Jays a week later on the 14. Buchholz has been easing into spring training in order to stay healthy for the regular season. Last year, Buchholz suffered from shoulder and neck injuries which caused him to miss three months of the season. Buchholz is slated to appear in at least four more games before the end of camp.

The Sox will start the regular season on March 31st against the Orioles in Baltimore and if the line up stays the same Jon Lester will get his fourth consecutive opening day start. The home opener is on April 4th against the Milwaukee Brewers.