Investigators Discover Cause of Beacon Street Fire

By Korey O’Brien

unnamedWelders at an adjacent building are to blame for the deadly fire at 298 Beacon Street in Boston which killed two firefighters last week, according to investigators.

The welders were allegedly doing repair work to a railing at a neighboring building.

“What happened is probably the slag or the sparks from the welding operation got in under the clapboards or the shingles…festered there for a while,” said Boston Fire Commissioner John Hasson. “The fire ignited. It’s an older wooden building…it’s probably dried out. The fire got rolling. It was fed by the wind off the Charles and ultimately consumed the whole building. “

Boston Police Department Commissioner William Evans added that he was confident that the fire was unintentional. He also said the workers did not have fire detail or a permit for the work. A permit is required by the City of Boston in order to do welding work.

The investigation was made up of members of the Boston Fire Department Fire Investigation Unit, the Boston Police Department, and the Suffolk Country District Attorney’s office.

Evans made sure to thank those who have worked tirelessly in the past week to investigate the fire as well as those who responded to the fire.

“Thank you to the city. It’s been a tough week for the firefighters. Myself and Mayor Walsh were there on that day. We’ve seen the bravery of the men and women of the fire department,” said Evans. “If anyone doubts the danger of their job, and the respect we should have for the firemen out there…I think there’s no doubt ultimately in the sacrfices of the Walsh and Kennedy family will be forever grateful.”

Investigators are refusing to comment on details of the fire because of the ongoing investigation. No charges have been filed at this time.