Former Christie Spokesman leaves for NH

By Joshua Powers 4-9-14

(R-NJ) Governor Chris Christie - Photo Credit Chris Christie
(R-NJ) Governor Chris Christie – Photo Credit Chris Christie

Colin Reed, a former spokesman for New Jersey Governor Chris Christie , has left to work on the Scott Brown campaign for US Senator in New Hampshire.

Brown, who was a former senator in Massachusetts before losing his seat to Elizabeth Warren, hopes to oust Jean Shaheen this fall in his new home of New Hampshire.
In a statement released by Reed, he stated that “I’ve known Scott for more than four years. An opportunity to work with him again is something that I couldn’t pass up. I am excited for the next seven months and a victory in November.”
If Brown does win, that places two allies for Christie in New Hampshire, which could prove vital when it comes to the 2016 presidential primaries, if he should choose to run.
Before serving with Christie, Reed served as the communications director for Scott Brown during his re-election bid in Massachusetts. Brown announced his formal running last week.