Boston Marathon Finish Line Bomb Hoax

By Stephanie De La Cruz


Boston Police bomb squad detonated two backpacks left at the Boston Marathon finish line.

Two loud booms were heard Tuesday night near the Boston Marathon finish line on the one-year anniversary of the famous road race bombing.

The Boston Police evacuated everyone from the scene around 7:30 p.m. after they saw a man ran toward the finish line, carrying a backpack and screaming, “Boston Strong.” The man then dropped the backpack and told the officer it contained a rice cooker, he said.

The police followed by clearing the streets and around 9 p.m. a bomb squad arrived to detonate the backpack as a precaution measure. Investigators then reported that in one of the bags there was a rice cooker, but it’s not specified the contents of the second bag. It’s also not clear who the second bag belongs to.

Kevin Edson is being charged with possession of a hoax explosive, threatening battery, threats to commit a crime, disturbing the peace, disturbing a public assembly, and disorderly conduct, according to the Boston Police Department.

The bomb scare came only hours after the city took a moment of silence to remember the one-year anniversary of the 2013 bombing at the marathon’s finish line. Mayor Walsh and Former Boston Mayor Thomas Menino attended the ceremony accompanied by Vice President Joe Biden and Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick.

Some victims injured in last year’s attack are showing strength by taking part in this year’s marathon, April 21st. Authorities also announced extensive security for this year’s marathon.