BLOG: Boston Marathon 2014

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Rita Jeptoo sets new course record for women and takes the title at the Boston Marathon. Four women total broke the course record today.

Race updates: Flanagan loses possession of first place to Buzunesh Deba.

Meb Keflezighi is in the lead for the men.


Crowds line the streets of Boston as they prepare to watch the runners cross the finish lin

Law enforcement officials are cutting off access to some areas and kicking people out of some areas due to concerns of overly congesting certain areas.

Before racers started this morning, Boston Marathon race director Dave McGillivray told the runners that they would be “taking back the finish line” when they crossed it.

Ernst Van Dyk wins his 10th title at the Marathon for rim push wheelchair division.

Ernst Van Dyk still in the lead for the push rim wheelchair wave of racers. He just passed the 20 mile marker in 1 hour 1.8 seconds. He was won nine total titles at the Boston Marathon.

The men’s wave just got to the 4th mile in 19 minutes 29 seconds.

The women are at the 9th mile at 47 minutes and 20 seconds. Flanagan is still in the lead.

Wave two of racers just started and another group of runners are en route to Boston.

The first wave of Elite Men have taken off toward Boston.

Shalane Flanagan is leading the women. She has been leading since the race started.

As runners take on the Boston Marathon, law enforcement is still sweeping the race route. Bomb sniffing dogs are checking areas along the course to ensure safety.

The first wave of Elite Men are at the starting line. They will be off in five minutes to begin the 26.2 mile trek to the finish line.

The Elite Women are now on their way toward Boston. The men are scheduled to start in 25 minutes.

Elite Women are lining up now in Hopkinton. The Elite Men are scheduled to start at 10:00am.

The push rim wheelchair wave of racers is now underway.

According to the Boston Athletic Association (BAA), the official count for runners this year is 35,755. 19,648 runners are men and 16,107 are women.

The Boston Marathon is officially underway. The mobility impaired are at the starting line waiting for their chance to take on the course.

Runners who are being bused to the start line are having their bags checked as they board. Spectators at the start line are also experiencing security checkpoints.

The temperature less than an hour before the first racers take off is 42 degrees in Boston but it is expected to warm into the 60s as the day goes on.

Did you know that there are different race times for different groups? Here is today’s schedule of start times:

8:50am – Mobility impaired racers

9:17am – Push rim wheelchair division

9:22am – Handcycle participants

9:32am – Elite women

10:00am – Elite men (wave one)

10:25am – Elite men (wave two)

11:00am – Elite men (wave three)

The ceremonies in Hopkinton will begin with moment of silence at 8:45am. Shortly after that, the races will begin starting with the mobility impaired participants.


The finish line is closed off to foot traffic just under two hours before the start of the race

There is already a large police presence in the Copley Square area. People are still walking pretty freely but the area around the finish

line is closed to the public.

Some of the police presence includes support from Hartford

Connecticut and NYPD.

The MBTA is running on a weekday schedule, but Copley and Arlington stations are closed for the duration of the day. Bus routes that run through marathon areas are also being detoured. Boylston Station is your best choice if you are coming from the east and trying to get a spot near the finish line. Hynes Convention Center and Kenmore stations are the recommended west-side stops. For a complete list of station closures, recommended routes, and detours, visit