Mayor Walsh Returns to Ireland to Explore Roots




By Joshua Powers 



Boston Mayor Marty Walsh is spending the week in Ireland, visiting his parents old home town and learning about business as he looks to expand commercial opportunities on both sides of the Atlantic.

The Mayor’s visit to Ireland is aimed at strengthening business, political and cultural links between Boston and Ireland. During an address to the members of the Galway County Council, Walsh stressed the importance of tourism.

“We are talking about high tech, where there remains so much potential for growth – and we are talking about tourism. Connemara especially helped to invent heritage-based tourism that has transformed our understanding of culture in the western world, it is a model that has saved countless local cultures from extinction by marrying their preservation to regional economic goals.”

The trip is not all business for Walsh. The Mayor spent much of the weekend in the small village where his parents grew up and went to school. The return, which many in the town judged as a “second inauguration,” saw hundreds of flags of both the City of Boston, and the United States flying high as special masses were held in Walsh’s honor.

Walsh’s return to Connemara also brought forward a message of education.

“They have countless models of local business ownership and they have access to third-level education – at costs lower than many American families would believe – that could take them into any career they choose.”


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