Aaron Dobson and Josh McDaniels at Arms

by Logan Reever


As if Monday night wasn’t bad enough. There is yet another problem in Foxboro. This time coming at the hands of the coaching staff and Wide Receiver Aaron Dobson. It has been news that Dobson has been inactive for three of the four games this year, but the reasoning as for why didn’t seem too clear. Until Thursday when it was reported that Dobson and Offensive Coordinator Josh McDaniels have been bickering. According to The Boston Globe, the two have been involved in “at least one loud disagreement.” Rumored to be immature coming out of Marshall just a year ago, Dobson has got some serious growing up to do. But maybe the Pats should take a second look at their receiving options currently before they bench someone for something as petty as this is.

This isn’t your father’s “Patriots Way.” When was the last time that any player retaliated the coaching staff in New England. And if they did, that it wasn’t handled in house and without the public’s knowledge. This team has more turmoil around it than any previously coached Bill Belichick team. Whether it’s a receiver and a coordinator in a screaming match or the once invincible quarterback sitting alone on the bench and avoiding the question of what the real problem is with his descending team.
A lot of skepticism of what this team will bring against an extremely talented Cincinnati Bengals squad. Whether they can notch a quality win over a contender at home or get ran off the field in an embarrassment beyond belief once again. But there is one thing we know they won’t bring to Sunday night’s game; Aaron Dobson.