New England Revolution Boden Fashion Show

By: Rachael Peart

What do soccer, engagement rings and breast cancer have in common?

The Boden Fashion show featuring the New England Revolution and their significant others.

A little over three months after returning from the World Cup in Brazil, some members of the US National Soccer team have returned to Massachusetts and have found themselves in what might be considered an unusual place – the runway. For midfielder Jermaine Jones and forward Charlie Davies, this wasn’t their first time on a catwalk. “In Europe I’ve done a couple of things that are pretty similar,” Davies explained. Forward Teal Bunbury had also experienced the runway before the Boden show and while he enjoys it, he wouldn’t say he is the most comfortable in this setting.

Boden Clothing is an originally British company founded by Johnnie Boden in 1991. It has grown to sell in the United States, Germany and Austria. Davies said it was “refreshing” to have this European influence available in the United States. “I think it’s more casual, even though I’m wearing a suit, I feel pretty comfortable in it,” Bunbury said. Bunbury, like Jones and Davies, was just introduced to the brand through this event. “It’s new for both of us,” Bunbury said, as he motioned to his new fiance, Katie Maurer. This was the first public event the couple had done together.

The event was a fundraiser, with proceeds going to the Ellie Fund for breast cancer. Brothers Jeff and Eliot Popkin founded the Ellie Fund in 1995 after their mother, Eleanor, passed away from breast cancer eight years earlier. Jones, Davies and Bunbury were all happy to participate in the show for the Ellie Fund. Bunbury had a family member suffer through breast cancer and said that it was great to be a part of something to help other people and other families. Jones had a similar response to helping those affected by breast cancer, “I’m always open if it’s for a good charity…I’m always there.”

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