Gubernatorial Candidates talk immigration, equality at the MIRA Coalition Forum



By Joe Jacobs 10-14-14 

Three of the five gubernatorial candidates discussed their positions on immigration, justice and equality at the MIRA Coalition forum at Bunker Hill Community College on October 14.

Democrat Martha Coakley, United Independent Party candidate Evan Falchuk and Independent Jeff McCormick all participated in the event.

Despite his anticipated attendance, Republican Charlie Baker did not show up. Scott Lively, another independent candidate, told organizers beforehand that he could not make the event. Because of Baker’s presumed arrival, the forum started 20 minutes late.

Once the conversation began, most of the candidates generally agreed on the issues brought up.

They all recognized that immigration reform is needed, with McCormick stating that “the system is broken and we need a role up your sleeves solution.”

Later in the forum, the candidates stated they want to take steps to change how undocumented immigrants are dealt with in Massachusetts, both legally and criminally.

Falchuk commented that “someone’s immigration status should not be reason for jailing them.”

All three also agreed that learner’s permits and driver’s licenses should be issued to undocumented immigrants. In her final remarks, Coakley took a shot at no-show Baker by saying, “I think it’s telling who came and who did not come.” All three candidates took time after the forum to answer questions and “meet and greet.”