Addicted to Google Glass

 By Rachael Peart 10-16-14

Addiction can develop into a serious problem.

Drugs. Alcohol. Food. Google Glass.

A man checked into a rehabilitation center for an alcohol problem, but also        received treatment for a Google Glass addiction. The Navy’s Substance Abuse and  Recovery Program noticed that the serviceman touched his right temple  frequently. This was a side effect of a continued and prolonged use of his Google  Glass device.  When the man first arrived at the facility in San Diego, California, he  experienced withdrawal symptoms from his Google Glass device. According to the man, those symptoms were worse than the symptoms he experienced due to alcohol. He had dreams as if he were looking through the device during his stay, according to doctors.

The man wore his device for 18 hours per day and only took it off to shower and sleep. He also wore it to work. When he was not allowed to wear it, he was reported to be irritable and argumentative. Reports have stated that Google Glass has the potential to decrease awareness and increase headaches.

This instance marked the first known case of Internet addiction disorder related to Google Glass. Those who have the symptoms have been reported to display emotional, mental and social problems during their daily lives. Yet, the mental health professionals handbook, called the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, excludes this disorder in its latest edition. It is, however, a recognized disorder that is treated in other countries such as China.

The patient reported decreased irritability after completing the treatment program.