Boston En Vogue Classical Luxury Show Incorporates and Makes History

By Priscilla Liguori 10-09-14

Boston Fashion Week combines the old with the new.

The Boston En Vogue Classical Luxury Show was Thursday October 9th at the historic Emmanuel Church on Newbury Street.

“Classical Luxury is different from the other shows because this is a more Gothic, a very stone, a very seventeenth century feel as compared to the other shows that were very modern and sleek,” show producer and designer Conrad Lamour explains.

Taken by Colin Daniels

From the Conrad Lamour Collection, Taken by Colin Daniels

The show featured timeless clothing and accessories for both men and women. Each designer’s collections fit the neo-gothic theme. A brass plate and a knight helmet even made it down the runway.

Still, this classically themed show brought a new phenomenon to Boston Fashion Week.

“This year, we’re adding a plus sized segment to Boston Fashion Week and Boston en Vogue events,” Lamour says.

Designer Dede Allure, also known as the “Curvy Coco Chanel,” featured a stylish plus size collection.

“She is really taking the fashion world by storm and paving the way for curvy women and also straight sized women to be one in the same because we really all part of fashion,” fashion publicist Emma Medeiros says about Allure.

Allure hopes the show inspires women to be comfortable in their own skin.

Model Catherine Schuller wearing Dede Allure, Taken by Colin Daniels

“My goal is to educate and mentor young women today and help them size themselves properly and dress themselves according to their body shapes and give them the proper image,” says Allure.

Tonight’s audience was excited for the incorporation of all body types.

“I think it’s amazing when you see a plethora of different types of models and different body sizes because its way more relevant to the typical consumer,” says Joelle Janigian, show attendee and creator of the fashion blog “MySundayDress.”

Celebrity plus sized model Catherine Schuller came out of retirement to model at the show that incorporated and made history.