Baker Barely Edges Coakley

Credit: Rosalia Fodera

By Rosalia Fodera 11-05-14

Credit: Rosalia Fodera

Credit: Rosalia Fodera

Massachusetts residents elected Republican Charlie Baker as their new governor, after the closest race in recent Massachusetts’s history. Baker defeated his opponent, Democratic Martha Coakley, by only 40,000 votes.

Coakley conceded at 8:15 Wednesday morning. The Democrat waited for the final results and then called Baker to congratulate him on his victory.

Coakley urged residents to stand behind the new governor and get the state where it needs to be. “I hope all voters…will work with him to make sure we keep moving Massachusetts forward,” Coakley said at a news conference Wednesday.

Baker will be the first Republican governor in eight years. The governor-elect’s next step is to prepare for the transition into office and believes he is ready.

“I have no doubt in my mind that we will have a smooth transition,” Baker said Wednesday. “I fully expect the transition will be seamless.”

Credit: Rosalia Fodera

Credit: Rosalia Fodera

Massachusetts’s voters also cast their ballots for the Senate seat.  Democratic Senator Ed Markey won his re-election bid to represent the state.  Markey defeated Republican Brian Herr by more than 45,000 votes.

Residents voted yes to Question 1. This eliminates the requirement that the state’s gas tax be automatically increased according to inflation.

Voters decided against expanding the states bottle bill on Question 2.

Casinos will be allowed in Massachusetts after voters rejected the appeal on Question 3.

Residents voted yes to Question 4, a new law requiring employees to give workers up to 40 hours of paid sick time.