Boston Needs Jon Lester

By Sam Nipatnantaporn 11-13-14


The Boston Red Sox in the 2002 draft, picked lefty pitcher Jon Lester in the second round. He is a two time All-Star, three time World Series Champion, and has a no-hitter under his belt. When Lester was diagnosed with cancer in 2006, the city of Boston and all its fans wept with him. When he beat it, Red Sox Nation rejoiced and cheered louder than ever.

In a trade that sent Lester and Jonny Gomes to Oakland for Yoenis Cespedes towards the end of the 2014 season, the Nation all wondered, “what does Ben Cherington have up his sleeve?” Every Boston fan wanted to believe that there was a plan – trade Lester, resign him, win another Championship – that John Henry speaking to Lester before his departure was a sign things would all work out.

Now, the time has come. If the Red Sox want to contend in 2015, they’ve must make a move with their starting pitching. Cole Hamels wants his 2019 option picked up and he’s not going to be cheap. James Shields has posted a 5.46 postseason ERA. Ervin Santana gave up 65 homeruns in his two American League seasons.

The Red Sox need Lester. In the 2013 postseason, Lester was 4-1 with a 1.56 ERA. He’s proven to be one of the leaders of the team, responds well to John Farrell’s management, and he clearly loves Boston – the team he spent nearly nine years with, excluding his time in the minors. Boston needs Jon Lester. He was the ace, the pitcher Fenway looked forward to watching. He’s the player the Sox have seen from the very beginning grow into a star.

When Lester went to Oakland, it was clear that he would hit the open market as a free agent because the A’s lack the funds to keep him. Now in the offseason, six teams have expressed “legitimate interest” in acquiring him, says WEEI’s Rob Bradford, and the competition will only get tougher.

The Red Sox offered Lester four years, $70 million back in March, but the offer was declined. Ben Cherington has stated that the Red Sox are not afraid to offer a 6-year deal to Jon Lester, despite recent acquisitions of 6+ years busting (i.e. Carl Crawford). Lester for 6-years, $120+ is a far better deal than any other possible pitcher the Sox can get.

It’s time for Ben Cherington to bring Jon Lester home.