Boston bids the Patriots Farewell at Super Bowl Sendoff

by Anthony Chasse


The New England Patriots held their Super Bowl Sendoff rally at Boston’s City Hall plaza. The event was only suited for the bravest die-hard Pats fans with temperatures falling below 10 degrees. A crowd of about five thousand red and blue clad supporters filled the plaza to give their team a friendly boost before heading off into neutral territory.


Glendale, Arizona, the sight of Super Bowl XLIX is expected to experience temperature in the 70’s throughout the week. The Patriots took in the warm well-wishing despite braving the cold New England air for a final time. The fans here have moved beyond the talk of cheating and deflated footballs. As one sign expressed,


“Spygate + Deflategate = Haters Gonna Hategate.”


Former Patriot and Super Bowl Champion Jermaine Wiggins addressed the issue of haters when he took to the microphone.


“Hey listen up Pats fans…They hate us ‘cause they ain’t us!”


The frozen faithful met his remarks with strong approval. Current Team Captains Vince Wilfork and Tom Brady also spoke to the crowd each telling them in their own words that New England has the best fans in the world.


These are the fans who brave the bitter cold, move on from accusations of cheating, and believe in a team that has fallen short in its last two trips to the big stage.


No doubt the fans and the team would like to return next week, and bring a much bigger party along with them.

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