English Set Decorator Anna Pinnock Excited About Multiple Nominations

By Charlie Greenwald 02-21-15

Getting nominated for an Academy Award is difficult enough, but getting nominated twice in the same year is nearly impossible.

Anna Pinnock, an English production designer specializing in set decoration, has been nominated twice this year for her work on both “The Grand Budapest Hotel” and “Into the Woods.” The two pictures feature large ensemble casts but are startlingly different genres.

“Certainly with ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ we needed to do a lot of research and traveling around Europe,” Pinnock explains to WEBN. “With ‘Into the Woods,’ a lot of what was put together revolved around the rehearsals with the actors.” 

“The Grand Budapest Hotel” follows M. Gustave, the fictional caretaker of an enchanting European hotel during World War II. “Into the Woods” is a musical adaptation of Stephen Sondheim’s 1987 Broadway musical about fairy-tale characters coming together to achieve common goals. Pinnock says that she deliberately chose the two projects back-to-back because they were so different. Since “The Grand Budapest Hotel” took two years in post-production, she was fortunate to see the films released only eight months apart.

“It’s just my luck that both have come in the same year,” Pinnock says.

It’s no coincidence that Pinnock is all over Hollywood. It’s not difficult to become a household name when you have 20 years of movie experience in a myriad of genres, including set decoration for hugely successful films like “Life of Pi” and “Skyfall.” Pinnock has been perfecting her craft since she was a little child, and credits her eagerness to diversify as the reason for her success.

“I think that’s really important-you need to keep things fresh,” Pinnock says. “Plus I love working with different people.”

Pinnock has created sets for some of the biggest films in Hollywood, despite her adventurous diversification. The films she has worked on have grossed over $500 million, but she has even bigger plans for the future.

“I would like to do more in the way of symposiums and teaching, getting good young people into the industry,” Pinnock tells WEBN. “I’m working on the new James Bond now, but I can’t give away too much!”