Nominee Bryan Grill on Creating “Captain America 2: Winter Soldier”

By Mandy Cordero 02-21-15

Sci-fi universes usually take action and explosion before the glitz and glam, but this year Bryan Grill is nominated for Best Visual Effects for his work in “Captain America 2: Winter Soldier”.

Grill spoke with WEBN in Los Angeles about bringing famous comic book characters into reality.

“The key is to ground it as much as we can in our world. Because if you believe in a character, like Thor, he slams his hammer and a big bolt of lightning [strikes], the only thing that’s different is that there’s a big bolt of lightning coming down but you’re like oh, that’s Thor and he’s on earth. Everything else has to be like exactly the same,” says Grill.

It’s important to have the fictional character assimilate into modern reality as much as possible to give the illusion that such heroes could exist. It’s that feeling that brought in their large fan base.

“Even though it’s a comic book movie everybody knows what the building looks like and what reality looks like so there’s not much that you can take away from reality other than the flying and like when they start doing stuff beyond walking,” Grill explains to WEBN.

Grill’s job is to take the parts of reality captured on film and add in the visual effects that create these fictional story lines.

“It really grounded the story, but where there’s a bunch of other stuff where they’ll just throw up a green screen and then we’ll have to put up an environment around there that has to look as real as the streets in Cleveland or Washington, wherever it is. It’s those little things that are most important because you always feel like you’re in the world and then you believe where you are.”

In a film like Captain America 2, the environment makes the storyline flow. It’s easy to see how much work the visual effects team put into the film that led to the Oscar nomination.