The Royal Treatment: Frances Hannon on “The Grand Budapest Hotel”


By Colin Daniels 02-22-15

We all care about our appearances, and our face is the first thing people notice, especially in prominent film roles.


Frances Hannon, hair and makeup designer,  has worked on many major feature films, including “World War Z”, “The Kings Speech” and Oscar-nominee “The Grand Budapest Hotel.”


Hannon’s various hair and makeup for different characters are truly amazing by how different the hair and makeup for the films are. When talking about working on the film, “The King’s Speech”, she stated how there was a lot of wig work and how everyone had one on. “I like a lot of work,” Hannon says as we discuss the intricate detail of the wigs that she created in “The King’s Speech”. When discussing another one of her big feature films, “World War Z” she speaks about how hair and makeup for that film was “dirty” and “very messy”. She has no particular genre she likes best. she said “I really don’t have a preference”.


Hannon has worked with Wes Anderson for many years. Hannon loves working with him because she “can picture right away what he wants”.


 Hannon closes her interview discussing how the hair and makeup for “The Grand Budapest Hotel” was “stylized and had to be kept to perfection”. She weighs in on how she would have to do hair and makeup in the lobby and having to keep it neat while on set.

 “The Grand Budapest Hotel” is nominated for nine Academy Awards including “Best Picture” and remains to be an audience favorite at the Oscars. Winning or not, Hannon’s work grabs people’s attention and turns heads.