Red Sox Don’t Need an Ace


By Ashley Allen


The Boston Red Sox might not have a true ace, but one thing the team does have is chemistry, and chemistry wins games.

For the coaching staff and management, assembling a team packed with talented player is ultimately the goal, but the 2013 team proved that having 25 guys on the roster who like each other definitely helps..

So far this season Red Sox pitchers have bonded over the notion that they are not good enough. Clay Buchholz recently purchased each of his rotation mates two t-shirts that say “I’m the Ace,” and “He’s the Ace.” Another group of players who seem to brighten up the roster are David Ortiz, and newbies, Hanley Ramires and Pablo Sandoval, the “three amigos” of the Boston Red Sox.

Since day one of training camp Red Sox veteran David Ortiz, and newbies, Hanley Ramires and Pablo Sandoval have been snapping selfies together left and right.

Ortiz tells WEBN that he’s happy to have Ramirez back on the squad. “Hanley his first step was here in Boston, hes super happy to be back, and its a good thing he did it before I retired.”

When asked about his relationship with Big Papi, Ramirez tells us, “He’s the best. Everyone loved Papi. He’s got such a great heart and I love him from the bottom of mine.” Pablo Sandoval says Ortiz is a “funny guy out there (on the field)” and he’s a “mentor to me.”