Bianca De La Garza Takes Over Late Night in New England

By: Courtney Kaner

Boston’s “Lucky Gal” has taken over the news as an anchor on WCVB. Now, she is getting “unanchored” on her new highly rated talk show Bianca Unanchored.

As an alum of Emerson College, Bianca De La Garza began her seventeen-year career forging as many opportunities as she could. A native Bostonian, she had no idea that journalism was even in her career path, until an Emerson professor changed her mind. She says, “I loved the idea of not being at a desk job, I loved current events, I loved writing, so that sort of drove me to journalism and communicating. For me, it wasn’t about being on TV, but about storytelling.”

De La Garza has worked on some of the top news stories in the business. After college, she spent some time on the Mexican border reporting on illegal immigration and the abuses of smuggling human beings across treacherous conditions. She reported on the traumas of 9/11, the weapons of mass destruction speech at the UN, and even got sent to London to report on the royal wedding in 2011, which she says was  “a top 5 assignment.”

However, her latest achievement has been scoring a spot on late night television. Only a few months ago, she launched her very popular late night talk show, Bianca Unanchored. She explores the world of dating, food, love, even tinder with her sidekick and producer Brian Faas. The set is the epitome of De La Garza- vibrant, enthusiastic, and fun, with a magenta couch and colorful décor. When it comes to the original goal of the show, she says, “I want women to watch this, I want men to watch this and laugh and have fun, but also learn something, you know whether it be about dating or a celebrity chef.”

maxresdefaultSo far, De La Garza has taken her viewers on a journey like no other! She and her team went down to Florida to report on spring training and even practice a few hits! In her last episode, she brought out her Irish heritage, learning to Irish step dance for her St. Patrick’s Day themed show. Andy Cohen has graced the show, helping De La Garza’s dating life on Tinder. She has also interviewed big name chefs, such as Rocco DiSpirito and Boston native Tom Bergeron from America’s Funniest Home Videos and Dancing with The Stars. She even encourages viewers to watch and enter in for some of her show’s giveaways! Currently, they are offering two VIP tickets to a Red Sox game, and more coming up this spring.

With everything that Bianca De La Garza participates in, including her charity work, career, and raising her daughter, she always seems to balance everything she wants to do. “I think that one of the things I have found that’s helped me is really being detailed oriented and having a list… and really having the right support team… women everyday need a great team of people supporting you. You can’t go at it alone.” De La Garza credits her Bianca Unanchored team for all of their hard work and dedication to the show.

She continues to shine on late night, and will continue to grace us with her beautiful personality and poise on TV.

Make sure to tune in to Bianca Unanchored, Saturday’s at 11:30ish on WCVB Channel 5 ABC.

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