Armed Robbers Hit Chris Brown’s Home

By Norman Oliver 7/15/2015

Chris Brown

Another negative incident has surfaced involving Chris Brown, but this time he’s the victim.

This morning armed robbers broke into the R&B singer’s Southern California home. Brown was not there, however his aunt was and was held at gunpoint.

The aunt claims that she heard a commotion outside and opened the door. She then saw three men with handguns outside of the house.

The robbers then forced their way into the home, locked her in a closet and then proceeded to ransack the house. Cash and other property were stolen from the house. The aunt called authorities after the perpetrators left, but they were already gone by the time help arrived.

Brown was hosting a Pre-ESPY Awards party at the Argyle Nightclub in LA while the robbery was taking place.

This is the second time someone has broken into Brown’s home. Earlier this spring a woman broke into his house and Brown alleges she cooked several meals, wrote “I Love You” all over his walls, threw out his daughter’s clothes and painted her name on his cars. He then moved into this house which was just robbed.

Brown has yet to release a statement on the issue, but LAPD reports that the robbers did indeed know that the property was his home. They are investigating.