Patriots Owner Takes On The NFL Commissioner

By Joshua Powers 7/29/2015

Robert Kraft

Patriots owner Robert Kraft blasted the NFL today over the Deflategate controversy.

He took the podium at Gillette Stadium, apologizing to Patriots fans for not taking quick action against the League and instead waited for the process to unfold.

Kraft said, “I was wrong to put my faith in the League.”

Kraft also denounced the NFL investigative report’s headline, calling it erroneous, and wrong.

“Yesterday’s decision by Commissioner [Roger] Goodell was released in a similar manner under an erroneous headline that read “Tom Brady Destroyed His Cell Phone.” This headline was designed to capture headlines across the country and obscure [the fact the NFL still has no hard] evidence regarding the tampering of air pressure in footballs. It intentionally implied nefarious behavior and minimized the acknowledgement that Tom provided the history of every number he texted during the relevant time frame.”

The Wells Report said Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady destroyed his cell phone the same day as his NFL investigative interview.

Today, Patriots fans spent much of the day looking at the footnote on page twelve of the report. That footnote acknowledges that Brady had gone to his cell phone company to try to regain the messages, but when that was not possible he offered the contact information of everyone that he had called or texted.

However, it seems the League decided not want to pursue those contacts. It is also worth noting that Brady was not required to hand over his cell phone in response to the allegations.

The NFL Players Association has filed a motion in Federal Court for either an injunction, or a ruling by September 4th.

Kraft said this would be the only time he will discuss the ruling until the legal process has ended, and he advised members of the Patriots to do the same as they prepare for the regular season.