Excitement Builds for “Fear the Walking Dead”

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

By Rosalia Fodera 7/4/2015

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

I hope you got your flu shot.  That is the message in the fourth teaser video for AMC’s upcoming show “Fear the Walking Dead.”

In the newest video a man talks to Madison (Kim Dickens) about the amount of students absent from school that day.

Madison replies saying she had already gotten her flu shot.

There’s the disease sweeping through Los Angeles. It kills the infected then moments or hours later the person awakes totally changed. Many believe those people are simply missing and the sickness is some sort of flu.

But fans of the companion show “The Walking Dead” already know that a flu shot is no remedy.  The cause is ingrained in everyone and when they die or get bitten by the dead they turn into a zombie, better known as a “walker.”

A walker’s brain is active, but only knows two things: walking and eating.

In another teaser Madison dismisses a student’s concerns about the death and violence he sees on the internet.

She tells him if something were wrong the authorities would let everyone know.

Other promos include a nerve racking thirty second video of one character running and a video of a trip in a white pick up truck passing by a possible zombie.

An Entertainment Weekly report showcased exclusive photos of the show.

In one photo Alycia Debnam-Carey’s character stands by empty high school bleachers.

Other photos show Madison and her boyfriend, Travis (Cliff Curtis) deep in thought.

“Fear the Walking Dead” is set to air in August, but has already been given the green light for a second season.