President Obama Orders Paid Sick Days

By Robert Way 9/07/2015


President Obama came to Boston to make it official today. He has issued a “sick day” executive order. It requires all federal contractors to offer their employees up to seven paid sick days a year. This could benefit over three-hundred-thousand workers.

Mr. Obama used the annual Labor Day breakfast hosted by the Greater Boston Labor Council as a platform to show his discontent with the gridlocked Congress who has been unable to pass a similar bill.

“Unfortunately, only Congress has the power to give this security to all Americans,” President Obama said and then added, “but where I can act, I will.”

The President then shifted into the importance of unions, “I’ve been to countries that don’t have unions… that’s where you’ve got child labor [and] terrible exploitation.”

The speech then became humorous when the President reached out to the Boston sports’ fans by adding, “Even Brady’s happy he’s got a union. They had his back,” referring to the Patriot quarterback’s court battle with the NFL over deflated footballs in the AFC championship game.