Michael Harney, “Sam Healy” Talks About the Cast of “Orange Is the New Black”

By Priscilla Liguori 9/16/2015

Orange Is the New Black was nominated for four Emmys, including Outstanding Drama Series and Outstanding Casting for a Drama Series.

Michael Harney, who plays Corrections Officer Sam Healy, says the casting team has found wonderful people.

“A lot of people are found off of the stages of New York, just phenomenal artists. When I go to work, that’s what I’m excited about. Its like another dimension for me.”

Harney explains how hardworking the cast is.

“Its just a bunch of people really working hard to create something we hope will make a difference, artistically first, and then everything else is gravy.”

The actor said that while the show addresses deep topics, the mood on set is very positive.

“I love working with everybody on the show. I’ve had really good stuff with Taylor [Piper]. I’ve become really good friends with Kate [Red].”

Not only is the cast and crew positive, but Harney says they are extremely supportive of one another.

“Everyone is coming from a place of affirming life and supporting the best performances that they can out of everybody.”

Harney says the support people give shows up on the camera lens.

“It’s all right there its in the faces of all the characters that you’re watching. Their ability to completely dedicate themselves to each moment that they’re living through is really from the support they’re receiving to do that.”

As for what to expect in the fourth season fans are dying to watch, Harney says all that he can. “The acting work is excellent.”