Comedian Kyle Dunnigan’s Experience Winning His First Emmy

Courtesy of Comedy Central
By Hannah Perrin 9/17/2015

Kyle Dunnigan has been a writer and performer on Inside Amy Schumer since its first season. Dunnigan says in season three, the show has found its point of view.

“The first season was rough, it was kind of confusing to know what to write for her.” said Dunnigan. “You need to know how a person performs and their strengths, so it was finding its way its first season. But it didn’t take too long, she has a really strong point of view.”

Dunnigan won the Emmy for Outstanding Original Music and Lyrics at the Creative Arts Emmy Awards for his work on Inside Amy Schumer. He helped co-write the music and lyrics for the sketch, “Girl You Don’t Need Make Up.”

“So we’re sitting there and then a PA woman with a headset came over,” Dunnigan explained, “and they were about to announce our category, and she’s like, ‘Are you guys sons of anarchy?’ And I was like ‘No?’ So then I was like oh they’re trying to figure out where to put the camera next and they won, so I thought we for sure lost, so then when they called us, I was shocked.”

Courtesy of Comedy Central

Courtesy of Comedy Central

“Girl You Don’t Need Make Up” features five men serenading Amy Schumer telling her she doesn’t need any make up because she is “pretty when she’s wakes up.” But once Schumer takes her makeup off, the men are disappointed and ask her to pile back on the makeup.

Kyle Dunnigan has worked in many different forms of comedy from sketch and improv, to stand up and imitations, but says his go-to form of comedy is always silly.

He is most known for his characters Carl, from Reno 911, and Craig, his own childhood creation. These characters are very similar as they both have clear flaws to the audience, but they don’t see the flaws in themselves.

“It’s not funny to me if the person gets hurt,” Dunnigan said of the characters, “and so if they’re sort of oblivious and not affected, it could be funny.”

Kyle Dunnigan has a lot of projects in the works, including a fake documentary following Craig. He also is working on pitching a TV show and writing a movie.

Dunnigan is going on a stand up tour this fall around New England. He will be in Boston performing at Brighton Music Hall on October 10.