American Candy Offers Sweet Outcome

By: Hunter Reis 9/14/15

When American Candy released in late March, many fans of The Maine were surprised by the upbeat tunes and generally positive attitude behind the album. Almost six months later, when the Arizonan band rocked the stage at The Sinclair in Cambridge, fans were continuously surprised by the band’s performance throughout the night. The tour promoted itself as “American Candy in its entirety”, and The Maine delivered that and so much more.

IMG_1750It was this time last year that the alternative rock band went on their “Farewell Forever Halloween” tour. Comparatively, the band that played at the Sinclair last night were five completely different men than they were just one year ago. “We are optimistic and we’re fortunate that people care” says John O’Callaghan, the band’s frontrunner.

O’Callaghan’s optimism might be something that fans are unused to after the dark tracks on Forever Halloween, their previous album. “If Forever Halloween did anything, it made me realize that there are a lot of people that feel the same way that you do at your lowest”.

It was great to see O’Callaghan and the rest of the boys from The Maine with so much energy on stage. The tracks from American Candy played in order and gave plenty of opportunities for the crowd to dance along.

My personal favorite part of the album – as well as the concert itself – is that the cheery melodies do not take away from the depth of the lyrics. O’Callaghan’s emotional belting of the title track had everybody in the audience entranced.IMG_4529

In addition to playing all of American Candy in order, the band took a detour before playing the last track on the album, “Another Night on Mars”. Highlighting their hits from all of their past albums, The Maine revisited classics like “Right Girl” and “Everything I Ask For”. They also gave the crowd a taste of their ever-changing style with songs such as “Run”, “Some Days”, and “I Must be Dreaming”.

Perhaps the biggest surprise for the night was getting the chance to hear “Waiting for my Sun to Shine” after an emotional speech from O’Callaghan. “We’re in a really cool place because we can still make music and tell a story,” says O’Callaghan, “we can vocalize the idea that you’re not alone”.

Through the emotion and the dancing, the ups and downs of The Maine’s past, present, and bright future, there was still plenty of time to celebrate Kennedy Brock’s birthday. Brock, the guitarist of the band, was presented with cupcakes which were almost immediately shoved messily onto his face. The crowd sang “Happy Birthday” along with the rest of the bandmates, and in true birthday tradition, a box was then placed on his head.

A bit predictably, The Maine ended their 18 song setlist with “Another Night on Mars”. The ode to true friendship had an even more feel-good sound when it was presented live.

The American Candy tour is only one of two tours that The Maine is currently working on. Their “Free for All” tour presents fans with the opportunity to see them play for absolutely no cost. The Massachusetts leg of the Free for All tour takes place on September 15 in Foxboro, and will continue into early October.