Bernie Sanders announces support for legalization of marijuana

Bernie_Sanders_portrait_3By Daiza Reed 10/30/2015
Democratic front runner Bernie Sanders announced his support for states to legalize marijuana this past week. The Vermont Senator said the federal government should remove it from its list of dangerous drugs; on that list marijuana is classified with heroin and ecstasy.

Sanders stated that “In the year 2015, it is time for the federal government to allow states to go forward as they best choose. He also added that the “U.S should remove the federal prohibition on marijuana”

In the past Sanders has been vocal about his support for decriminalizing marijuana and getting rid of the harsh repercussions that come with possessing a small amount of the substance. On wednesday he also explained how there is a “racial component” to the enforcement of Marijuana laws, with more black people than white people being arrested for possession.

Sanders proposal would also solve the financial burdens of many marijuana businesses. Owners, retailers and growers all operate solely on cash, unable to do any banking transactions because their businesses are still illegal under federal law. “That means that recognized businesses in states the legalized marijuana should be fully able to use the banking system without fear of federal retribution,” Said Sanders to George Mason University. His statements were met with cheers and applause from the audience.
Sanders was asked how he would vote on the Nevada ballot question that would legalize recreational use, and he replied “I would vote yes because I am seeing in this country too many lives being destroyed for non-violent offenses.”
Sanders said earlier this month that it is time to “think through the war on drugs” and insinuated that he is open to states legalizing substances.

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