Kip Moore Gives Country Fans a Hallo-Weekend to Remember

By Priscilla Liguori 10/30/2015

Kip Moore brought energy and passion to the city he considers his favorite place to perform: Boston.

The country star took over the House of Blues for Hallo-weekend Friday, October 30 for his Wild Ones tour.

Fan at the concert Dave Armenti said, “Some artists, when you see them live, sound better than they do on the album. He’s one of those.”
Armenti wasn’t the only fan at the sold out show who thought this.

Greg Delguidice says the pureness of Kip Moore and his music is what makes him so unique. He explained, “It’s basically him, the mic, and his guitar. He’s not hiding behind anything. He’s an unbelievable songwriter and a great musician. That’s hard to find.”

Kip Moore played a combination of songs from his debut album Up All Night and his latest album Wild Ones released in August.

“I’m to Blame,” “Lipstick,” and “Hey Pretty Girl” were some of the many songs fans were excited to hear.

“He just grabs you,” Delguidice said. “He sticks to himself. He’s not going to do anything that isn’t true to himself. I think that really resonates with a lot of people.”

The singer-songwriter from Georgia had the crowd of all ages engaged in the show the entire time. Fans knew the words and sang along to his country tunes that incorporate a rock twist. Many of Kip Moore’s songs are about coming-of-age moments and love.

Delguidice said that while country is usually a genre popular in the south, the passion for Kip Moore and other visiting country artists proves the presence the genre has in the northeast. “I think artists are usually surprised by the energy we have in Boston,” he said.

Armenti added, “The beauty of the House of Blues and Boston venues is the perfect combination of intimacy and wild fans. It’s a venue where the artists really feel appreciated by the fans. We have a lot of passionate fans.”

Since the show was Hallo-weekend, some fans traded their normal country concert attire for Halloween costumes. Kip Moore got a chuckle out of the people dressed as him in black shirts, skinny jeans, and red hats.

While it is clear Boston country fans love Kip Moore, the fans want to make sure their love stays mutual.

“We don’t want him to wake up tomorrow and say New York is my favorite venue. We want to keep up that heat and energy so Boston stays his favorite,” Armenti said.

Kip Moore assured the crowd throughout the show that Boston was indeed still his favorite city to perform.

Fans aren’t worried Kip Moore will be going anywhere any time soon.
“You know he’s going to keep doing what he’s doing,” said Delgiudice. “He’s different than any other artist.”

Kip Moore’s first opening act was Joey Hyde. He woke up the crowd playing his single “Get It On.”

Michael Ray performed second, and pumped up the crowd even more with his hit single “Kiss You In The Morning.”

Kip Moore’s Up All Night was the best-selling male debut album in both 2012 and 2013. “Hey Pretty Girl” and “Beer Money” both made the top five in the Billboard country charts, and “Somethin’ Bout a Truck” hit number one.