2016 Presidential Candidates React to University of Missouri Racial Tension

University_of_MissouriBy Shaynah Ferreira 11/12/2015
Issues of class and institutional prejudice has divided Democrats and Republicans more than than ever on the road to The White House and it became clearer in the wake of the racial tension, protests and administration resignation at The University of Missouri.

Some Republicans criticized the university’s administrators for resigning in the midst of the continued protests. However, Democrats seeking the White House have sent messages of solidarity with the students and others to address what they say is “structural racism”.

Donald Trump broke his silence on the matter calling the administrators who resigned “weak and ineffective”. Trump told FOX News Thursday morning, “When they resigned, they set something in motion that’s going to be a disaster for the next long period of time.”

Trump continued to call the protesters demands for change on the Missouri campus “crazy”.

Both Missouri’s president and chancellor resigned Tuesday amid the campus crisis. The protests are not new; Missouri has had a history of continued complaints of racism and prejudice on campus against students of color. However, what sparked the current string of unease was a Facebook post by the student government president. The post’s purpose was to complain about bigotry on Missouri’s campus and consistent racial slurs against Black students.

GOP presidential candidate, Ben Carson, the only Black candidate in the 2016 race said, “The resignations are a sign of the politically correct police going too far. It’s OK to disagree with people, but it’s not OK to destroy them.”

Democratic presidential candidates took to twitter in support of the students at the University of Missouri.

Vermont Senator, Bernie Sanders, says he wants to address the racial inequities on college campuses:

Hillary Clinton retweeted her staffer, Marlon Marshall, who touched on the issue as well: