Lindsey Graham Ends Presidential Campaign

By Samantha Avalos 12/21/2015

Senator Lindsey Graham announced he is ending his campaign for the 2016 presidential election.

Officially announcing the end of his campaign through a YouTube video on Monday morning, Graham says, “While we have run a campaign that has made a real difference, I have concluded that it is not my time,” he told CNN.

Initially entering the presidential race to focus on foreign policy issues during the debates, Graham was placed in the undercard contests, leading to low poll numbers.

Graham was receiving positive feedback from his supporters after the Republican Presidential Debate in Las Vegas, however, he was struggling to register at one percent in the national polls.

“I have no intention of endorsing anyone right now,” said Graham. But he said he is going to support the candidate who is most capable of becoming commander and chief, and who can take the necessary steps to defeat ISIL.

Graham’s announcement coincided with the deadline to remove his name from the South Carolina’s primary ballot. This decision allows him to avoid a poor performance in his home state.

After dropping out of the race, the GOP still has 12 candidates hoping to secure a spot after the primary election.