Nickelback Announced Plans for New Music

By: Heather Pearson 01/26/2016

Nickelback recently announced its plans for new music. The Canadian rock band tweeted the good news on Sunday to its 700,000 followers.

After the band’s tough year which included canceling the end of its North American tour, the musicians are happy to be tweeting about their future music plans in 2016.

Their album tour had to be cancelled in June due to lead singer Chad Kroeger’s surgery on his voice box. Kroeger also announced months after his surgery plans for divorce with wife Avril Lavigne.

Up until Nickelback’s new music announcement, the band hadn’t produced a studio album since “No Fixed Address” in November of 2014.

Along with the new music reveal, Nickelback tweeted that Kanye West’s greatly awaited “Swish” album will be “the best of all time.”

However, fans speculated the band was disrespecting Kanye and his album, and Nickelback sent out a tweet that read, “Last tweet wasn’t shade. We’re fans. Breathe.”

 The band plans to return to the stage this year in addition to introducing new music.‬