Woody Allen casts Miley Cyrus in new series, Ronan Farrow fires back

by April Newell 2/1/2016


Woody Allen, after announcing at the last Cannes film festival that he would be directing an Amazon prime series, is ready to get the ball rolling on his new project.

Allen announced that actresses Miley Cyrus and Elaine May will star alongside him in the series, but the rest of the cast has yet to be publicized. Allen has worked with May in the past on Small Time Crooks but this will be his first project with Cyrus.

Cyrus took to her Instagram account to rave about her new opportunity, stating that she was “stoked” to be back on television and work with Allen, despite his alleged (but never proven) sexual improprieties. Cyrus said she is a longtime fan of the Oscar winning filmmaker, and she even has a portrait of him in her bedroom.

Ronan Farrow, one of Allen’s children with former partner Mia Farrow, was not pleased with Cyrus’s announcement. Farrow has been one of Allen’s harshest critics concerning the filmmaker’s alleged sexual assault of one of his sisters, Dylan Farrow.

Ronan Farrow’s tweet read:

“Are you a powerful man facing heavily corroborated allegations of sexual assault? Good news, Hollywood will work with you literally forever.”

Neither Cyrus or Allen have responded to Farrow’s tweet, but as of Feb. 3rd, it has been retweeted over eight hundred and fifty times.

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