‘Gilmore Girls’ To Be Revived on Netflix

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

By: Heather Pearson 2/3/16

After a long sixteen years, Gilmore Girls is returning to television. Netflix confirmed the revival of the hit show which starred characters Lorelai and Rory Gilmore in the town of Stars Hollow.

The show aired its last episode over eight years ago, and fans are thrilled to have creators Amy Sherman-Palladino and Dan Palladino back after being absent from the last season.

The revival will be made into four 90-minute episodes, taking place over the seasons and beginning with the winter episode.

The storyline will include most of the main cast from the original series, and even introduce new characters to help depict the present-day setting.

Fans of Gilmore Girls are looking forward to what will happen with Rory Gilmore’s love life, after Sherman-Palladino announced the revival will be picking up with a single, unmarried Rory.

One of the most anticipated moments of the revival, however, will be the last four words of the entire show. Creator Sherman-Palladino says she has always known what the last four words will be, and never chose to reveal them.

Thanks to the revival, she will finally be able to put them into writing and answer the question that fans have pondered for years.