Taryn Manning Taking Legal Action Against New York City

By Hannah Perrin 02/09/2016
“Orange Is the New Black” actress Taryn Manning is claiming she was falsely arrested by New York City police in 2014 and has filed a New York Supreme Court petition requesting permission to file a claim against New York City. If the claim is approved, Manning will be seeking $10 million from the city
“My damages include attorney’s fees, hours of detention, emotional distress and reputational harm,” the 37-year-old actress said in her affidavit.
Manning claims that she should not have been arrested in November 2014 by the New York Police Department because the accusations against her were from a source against whom Manning had previously obtained a restraining order.
The New York District Attorney’s office declined to press charges against Manning, but allegedly, Police kept Manning in custody for hours.
“The meeting ended when I was handcuffed by a detective and locked in a small room adjacent to the interview room,” Manning said in a sworn affidavit filed with the petition. “Approximately 20 minutes later, I was removed, still handcuffed, and marched through the precinct. I was processed and ultimately placed in a holding cell.”
Manning and her attorneys are also alleging the NYPD reported the arrest to media outlets.
The petition was filed on Monday and is seeking permission from the state to file a claim against NYC after Manning failed to do so within the 90-day deadline of an incident.