Gwen Stefani Plans To Make History at The Grammys

By Hannah Perrin 02/10/2016


Live musicals were the latest craze to hit our small screens at home and now, we will have live music videos.


Gwen Stefani is teaming up with Target to record the first ever live music video for her upcoming single “Make Me Like You.”


“This is big. I’m going to be in the first LIVE music video on a #GRAMMYs commercial break with @Target! #MoreMusic,” the 46-year-old singer┬áposted on Instagram.


But don’t worry, the live music video taping will not interrupt the 58th Grammy Awards. The filming will take place during a four-minute commercial, but audiences will be able to tune in online via Periscope.


Stefani promises multiple sets, real-time costume changes and a “special surprise for fans.” The finished video will be able to be viewed on Vevo.


The new song “Make Me Like You” will be released on February 12.