Governor John Kasich Leaves the NH Primaries a 2nd Place Winner


Courtesy: Creative Commons

By Shaynah Ferreira 2/10/2016
Following low polling throughout the country for Ohio Governor, John Kasich his 2nd place victory in New Hampshire was widely celebrated as a 1st place success.

He received the strong support from moderates and Americans concerned about the current state of the nation’s economy. According to exit polls, he won 17% of the primary’s undeclared voters.

Mr. Kasich had less than 2% of the vote in Iowa and set his campaign sights on high performance in New Hampshire. His campaign management credits the second place victory to a deep investment in town hall-style events in the Granite State while other Republican candidates devoted their time and resources to Iowa voters.

Kasich is also credited by GOP voters as the candidate that avoids directly attacking his presidential rivals. In doing so, Kasich has won the endorsement of The Boston Globe.

After his Tuesday night<x-apple-data-detectors://0> victory, Kasich said, “Maybe, just maybe, we are turning the page on a dark part of American politics, because tonight, the light overcame the darkness of American campaigning.”

However, as the South Carolina primaries approach, political experts say the Ohio Governor is not expected to fare as well.

Mr. Kasich offers what he calls an “optimistic message” to voters across the country saying, as the son of a mail carrier, who understands the concerns of middle-class Americans, “he is well prepared to fix the nation’s economy.”