Truck Day is Back in Boston


Maria Santora / WEBN-TV

By Maria Santora 2/10/2016

The below freezing temperatures and mounds of snow may feel like winter, but Fenway revealed the first sign that spring is near.

The 53-foot equipment truck responsible for carrying the Red Sox’s spring training gear 1,480 miles from Fenway Park to Fort Meyers, Florida made an appearance outside the ballpark on Wednesday.

The 18-wheeler is not only a symbol that warmer weather and baseball season are near, Sox fans also view it as a clean slate after the last place finish in 2015.

“[It symbolizes] the start of a new season. Last season was pretty rough to watch. It was painful after the past couple of years, but this the start of the new season. We’ve got some fresh pitchers, fresh bullpen, fresh players. I’ve got a good outlook,” said John Margolies, a Red Sox fan and truck day attendee.

Margolies and hundreds of other Red Sox fans stood outside Fenway Park as the truck was filled with:
· 20,400 baseballs
· 1,100 bats
· 200 batting gloves
· 200 batting helmets
· 320 batting practice tops
· 160 white game jerseys
· 300 pairs of pants
· 400 t-shirts
· 400 pairs of socks
· 20 cases of bubble gum
· 60 cases of sunflower seeds

The equipment is set to arrive in Florida on Saturday just in time for the pitchers and catchers practice on Feb. 18.