Kanye West Gets Slammed for Taylor Swift Lyrics

Kanye_West_at_the_2009_Tribeca_Film_FestivalBy Heather Pearson 2/15/2016
It was not a good week to be the “Life of Pablo” singer.

Kanye West is facing a lot of backlash this week, after releasing his new album, “The Life of Pablo;” Taylor Swift fans are not happy.

West includes a track on the album that features a line insinuating that he made Taylor Swift famous.

Swift’s spokesperson issued a statement that said West had asked Swift to tweet about the song, titled “Famous,” and she declined. Swift proceeded to caution West about releasing the song, which she believes has a “strong misogynistic message.”

After the already controversial album release, West also put on a fashion presentation/ concert at Madison Square Garden.

Fans of the rapper were expressing their disinterest on social media, and models of the show were claiming that they were not getting paid.

West was not too happy about the negative backlash from fans and media, and specifically called out the company Media Takeout on Twitter.

West “dissed the haters” after a lengthy Twitter rant, and tweeted that he was getting back to focusing on his album.