Cruz Spokesman Asked to Resign after False Rubio Video

By Jackson Cote 2/22/2016

Source: Gage Skidmore
Source: Gage Skidmore

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz asked for his Communications Director Rick Tyler’s resignation today. The request came after Tyler posted a video, inaccurately depicting Marco Rubio criticizing the Bible. It is unclear whether or not Tyler has resigned yet.
The video shows Rubio walking through a hotel lobby past a Cruz staffer who is seen reading the Bible. Tyler’s subtitles then misquote Rubio, as he tells the staffer, “Got a good book there, not many answers in it.”
Rubio’s communications director Alex Conant later posted a revised version of the video, where the subtitles correctly show Rubio saying, “Got a good book there, all the answers are in there.”

Rubio stated that he accepts the apology, but is asking for Cruz to hold somebody accountable, also telling the press, “It’s every single day, something comes out of the Cruz campaign that’s deceptive and untrue, and, in this case, goes after my faith. So I understand, I guess one of their spokespersons apologized, and I’ll accept his apology, but this is a pattern now, and I think we’re now at a point where we start asking about accountability.”

Tyler has since deleted the post and apologized to Rubio. “Since the audio was unclear, I should not have assumed the story was correct. I’ve deleted the post because I would not knowingly post a false story. But the fact remains that I did post it when I should have checked its accuracy first. I regret that mistake,” Tyler said.