DNC Vice Chair Resigns to Endorse Bernie Sanders

Courtesy: WikiCommons
Courtesy: WikiCommons

By Katie Nicora 2/29/2016

Tulsi Gabbard resigned as vice chair of the Democratic National Committee, allowing her to officially endorse Sen. Bernie Sanders for president.

In a Youtube video, the congresswoman from Hawaii explained, “As a vice chair of the DNC, I am required to stay neutral in democratic primaries, but I cannot remain neutral any longer. The stakes are just too high.”

Gabbard is one of the first female combat veterans to serve in Congress and stressed the importance of the next president’s role as commander in chief.

She said, in an interview on MSNBC’s Morning Joe,”There’s a very clear contrast and clear difference when it comes to our two Democratic candidates and who will exercise good judgment, who will stop us from continuing these interventionist regime change wars that we’ve seen in Iraq and Libya and now in Syria that have cost our country so much in terms of American lives, trillions and trillions of dollars, what to speak of the hundreds of thousands of lives in the Middle East that have been lost to this and the impact on our economy here at home.”

Gabbard didn’t mention Hillary Clinton by name in her Youtube video, however spoke openly against the former Secretary of State in the MSNBC interview. “Bernie Sanders is that candidate who will not take us, service members and our country, into these interventionist wars” she said, “and Hillary Clinton, through her record, has proven that she will continue that and that’s what’s important to me and I think it’s important for our voters to know before they go and head to the polls tomorrow and into the coming weeks.”

Gabbard’s endorsement followed Clinton’s 48-point victory over Sanders in South Carolina on Saturday, highlighting her popularity in the South. But, it comes just in time for Super Tuesday, when 13 states will host their primaries.

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