Massachusetts Democratic Primary Results Still Unclear

Courtesy: Youtube - The Loutfi
Courtesy: Youtube – The Loutfi

By Jackie DeFusco 3/1/2016

Just seconds after voting closed in Massachusetts, Donald Trump was deemed the clear cut winner, according to the Associated Press.

Trump received nearly fifty of the vote and fifteen delegates in the Bay State. Marco Rubio and John Kasich were his closest competitors, both winning around eighteen of the vote and five delegates. Ted Cruz trailed at nine percent while Ben Carson won just two percent of the vote.

While Hillary Clinton was predicted to win Massachusetts in polls earlier this week, her and Sanders are currently neck and neck.

The state is considered a must-win for the Sanders, as Clinton is projected to win at least six of the eleven Super Tuesday states: Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia. Sanders has taken his home state of Vermont and Oklahoma, two of the five states he was targeting for victory on Super Tuesday.

A win in Massachusetts for Clinton would bring her one step closer to sealing the democratic nominee following a dominating win in South Carolina last weekend.