Trump, Clinton secure wins in Alabama, Arkansas

Courtesy: Flickr - DonkeyHotey
Courtesy: Flickr – DonkeyHotey

By Lyndsay Monsen 3/2/2016

Last night was a big night for Donald Trump. Of the twelve states and one U.S. territory voting for in their primaries, he claimed victories in seven.

This brings him only closer to securing the GOP nomination.

Two of the seven states he won yesterday were Alabama and Arkansas. These are both key states in the South. With 43% of the vote in Alabama and 33% in Arkansas, he received 50 and 40 delegates, respectively.

Trump won a total of 234 delegates on Super Tuesday.

Hillary Clinton also received delegates in Alabama and Arkansas.

She won 78% of the vote in Alabama and 66% in Arkansas, leading her to receive 60 and 37 delegates, respectively.

Clinton won seven states last night. However, she lost four more northern states, including Minnesota and Colorado, to Sen. Bernie Sanders. Many are suspecting this is because of Clinton’s appeal to racial minorities, where they are more abundant in the South.

In total, Clinton won 453 delegates yesterday compared to Sanders’ 284.