Phillies Players Infected With The ‘PHLU’

Damon Turbitt / WEBN-TV
Damon Turbitt / WEBN-TV

Damon Turbitt / WEBN-TV

By Damon Turbitt 3/7/2016
Spring Training is supposed to be a time when teams from all corners of the country head south and enjoy the weather that The Sunshine State has to offer.

Unfortunately, the Philadelphia Phillies have not been able to savor these benefits in Florida.

The team has been plagued with a flu bug that is making its way through various members of the clubhouse. The sickness sidelined first baseman Ryan Howard all weekend, he did not travel with the team to Bradenton on Monday for its matinee against the Pittsburgh Pirates.

He wasn’t the only Philly to catch the bug. Left fielder Cedric Hunter also had a bout with the illness.

“I caught it a little bit, but I was able to get it out of me,” Hunter said. “Every year at some point in the year, the bug’s going around.”

Hunter was lucky to be able to shake off the sickness. Every Phillies player is well aware of the situation, but not everybody has been affected. Philadelphia’s top prospect J.P. Crawford is one of the lucky members and, as you would expect, is staying away.

“Someone had it and it spread across the clubhouse,” Crawford said. “A lot of people are just getting it. I hope I don’t get it.”

Crawford and the rest of the diminished roster were able to defeat the Pirates 1-0 on Monday. The remainder of the team will look to stay out of the way of its affected teammates as it prepares to take on the Pirates again tomorrow afternoon.