Sanders, Cruz win Wisconsin Primary

Courtesy: Wiki Commons
Courtesy: Wiki Commons

Courtesy: Wiki Commons

By Lyndsay Monsen 4/16/2016

Tuesday night was a big night for Sen. Ted Cruz and Sen. Bernie Sanders, as they both won the vital primary of Wisconsin.

All eyes turned to the GOP front-runner Donald Trump in the wake of his loss, questioning his qualifications to be president.

Exit polls show the majority of Wisconsin voters are either concerned about or scared of a potential Trump presidency.

These polls come after a series of missteps by the Trump campaign, including the manager having legal issues with a female reporter as well as Trump having an awkward explanation on his stance with abortion.

Cruz is seen in the eyes of many as the candidate best positioned to stop Trump. However, it would likely take a convention fight to accomplish that goal.

Bernie Sanders’ Wisconsin win, however, was a much-needed incentive to continue challenging Hillary Clinton. He is gaining momentum, as this is his sixth win in the last seven contests.

Sanders is keeping his focus on the next primary: New York. He said at a recent rally, ” I know a little bit about new York because I spent the first 18 years of my life in Brooklyn. Now please keep this a secret-do not tell Secretary Clinton; she’s getting a little nervous and I don’t want her to get more nervous-but I believe we’ve got an excellent chance to win New York and a lot of delegates in that state.”