Another Hack of Clinton Campaign on Chairman’s Twitter

By Elizabeth Northey 10/14/2016 

Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman has been the most recent victim of a hack. John Podesta’s Twitter account was breached on Wednesday. Clinton’s press secretary Nick Merill confirmed the hack in a public statement and also said that campaign members are working to fix it.


A party posing as Podesta tweeted on the day of the attack, “I’ve switched teams. Vote Trump. Hi pol” and posted it to the campaign chairman’s account. The tweet has since been deleted and was pinpointed as part of the hack.


The Twitter hack follows a recent hack on Podesta’s email account that were made public via the WikiLeaks website. Hacked emails include details involving Clinton speeches given in paid events. The Clinton campaign has neither confirmed nor denied the authenticity of the content of the released emails. Podesta confirmed on Tuesday that the FBI had contacted him, as he is a “victim of a criminal hack”.


United States Intelligence officials claim that it is likely that the account was hacked by Russia. CNN reports that Intelligence officials have linked this hack with that of the Democratic National Convention Committee, due to method as well as digital fingerprints. Russia has denied all accusations that they are responsible for the hacks. WikiLeaks has also dismissed claims that their information is from Russian sources.


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