First Lady’s Passion for Education is Captured on Film

By Shea McCusker 10/14/2016
Michelle Obama hopes to raise awareness of the dangers females face across the world for perusing an education in her  film We Will Rise. Michelle Obama sees the issue of promoting female education as more than just a task — it is something close to her heart.
The first lady launched the “Let Girls Learn” initiative in March 2015 to bring together various government agencies such as the Department of State and the U.S Agency for International Development to take action against the challenges young girls face around the world that prevent them from achieving their education goals.
The film follows the first lady on her journey to Morocco and Liberia to advocate for global girls’ education. She was joined by actress Meryl Streep and journalist Isha Sesay.
   Mrs. Obama stated that coming from a place where few go to college was the beginning of her passion for education. Financial aid and hard work were the driving factors that allowed her to be where she is today, according to the first lady herself. Meeting with brave individuals like Malala Yousafzai, a young Pakistani girl who was shot in the head for wanting to go to school and advocating for other females to as well, only furthered her desire to help adolescent girls around the world be able to achieve their goals. Now, this film is ready to take viewers on a documented trip to places where girls are oppressed for wanting to have occupations such as doctors, lawyers or businesswomen with the simple question- how can we help these girls follow their dreams?
We Will Rise premiered Oct. 11 on CNN International and Oct.12, on CNN US. 

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