In Ohio, Obama defends Hillary

By Michael Vinci 10/14/16

At an Ohio rally Thursday for Hillary Clinton, President Obama denounced Donald Trump’s latest attack that claimed Clinton was at the center of a conspiracy by the global elite against the interests of the working class. The President responded to this claim with a jab back at Trump. He noted how Trump is a member of the global elite, and has made a great deal of decisions that go against the interests of the working class, such as his recently exposed tax dodging.
Obama labeled these claims made by Trump and many others circulating among the Republican Party as nothing more than a “swamp of crazy that has been fed over and over and over and over again.” Obama added that the Republican Party has been “feeding their base all kinds of crazy for years.”
President Obama reminded the audience how “democracy itself is at the ballot right now,” expressing his concerns for the larger implications of a Trump victory.
Obama stressed to his audience the importance of voting. “I cannot think of a more important election in our lifetimes because the choice between two candidates has never been this stark.”
The President has recently been out on the campaign trail in support of Hillary Clinton. This could prove helpful to her with President Obama’s recent rise in popularity.