Boston’s 36 community centers start longer hours this week

(Priscilla Liguori/WEBN-TV)

Priscilla Liguori 10/19/2016

The 2,500 daily visitors of Boston community centers can now enjoy increased operation hours and extended programming opportunities.

(Priscilla Liguori/WEBN-TV)

(Priscilla Liguori/WEBN-TV)

Boston Centers for Youth & Families has 36 centers, including the 16 in schools and 20 free-standing. The school sites are now open 2-9pm weekdays, with some open Saturdays. Free-standing sites are open 6:30am-9pm weekdays and 9am-5pm Saturdays. Five free-standing centers are open Sundays.

For some children and adults, the centers are a safe place to stay, so this change can be extra meaningful.

“Our community centers are important resources for residents,” said Mayor Marty Walsh in a press release. “I have heard from people who would benefit from having more access to their neighborhood centers.”

Boston Centers for Youth & Families said it shifted the hours and locations of some employees to make this overall time adjustment possible.

“Taking a critical look at our staffing levels and hours of operation yielded these changes which will add value for our participants, add value to the neighborhoods and add value to our staff whose time will be better utilized,” said BCYF Commissioner William Morales in a press release.

The extended hours began on October 15.